New Winston Museum — Winston-Salem, NC

Dear Friend,

A picture tells a thousand stories.

Look in the background and notice the watertower. That same tower, though no longer functioning, still peaks over the buildings in downtown Winston-Salem decades later.

There were fewer things I enjoyed more growing up than sitting with my grandmother and listening to her stories. Stories of telephone lines that were shared amongst small communities of homes, of living through the Great Depression solely on pinto beans and cabbage.

I learned at an early age that we are a cumulation of our stories, and it is these stories that make us who we are.

As time goes on and grandparents pass, I wonder who will keep the stories alive. Who will be the keeper to give those small pieces of the past for the younger generation? Who will represent us to someone who comes to visit and who knows nothing of Winston-Salem; nothing of the historically rich area we call home?

As I write to you, thousands of voices and photographs are vanishing. Documents destroyed and storytellers passing on. Here at the New Winston Museum, we’re racing against time to obtain those voices, those stories written on paper, before the echo is lost forever.

We have several community partners that do an incredible job of portraying life as it were before the joining of Winston and Salem with costumed demonstrators and restoration that takes visitors down the cobblestone streets of life in the first half of the 19th century.

R.J. Reynolds wanted something original for his headquarters in Winston-Salem. Bring on the original Empire State building, the Reynolds building, a smaller version to its younger sister in New York City, in downtown.

But what about the history after that? The Civil War, Industrial Revolution, the Civil Rights Movement. Where would these be maintained?

This is where we come in to share the stories that give light to our city and causes memories to ignite. These stories and photographs are what brings us together as different viewpoints of the same event.

Events that have caused Winston-Salem to grow from a small Moravian settlement to a city that prides itself on innovation and creativity through the arts. The events in the middle, that’s what we strive to continuously hold on to.

Memories are not forever.

It takes a community effort to keep an operation, especially a growing one like ours, going so that anyone who would like to take a walk down memory lane, or share their own photographs or stories, have that opportunity.

Because we are a free community museum, we are counting on you, those who love and support our mission, to help us continue to serve Winston-Salem. With your gift, you can become a member of the New Winston Museum and cast your voice during voting proceedings, enjoy invitations to special members-only events throughout the year, be the first to learn about new exhibits and showcases, and museum recognition.

I urge you to help us tell the tale that is Winston-Salem. With your donation, you are solidifying our rich past, educating our present, and shining a light into our community’s future.


Katherine Foster
Executive Director

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