Katherine Foster headshot
Katherine Foster

“Lindsay is a gifted and intuitive writer. Her ability to take an intangible concept and weave it into a cohesive narrative was truly impressive. We look forward to working with her more!”

-Katherine Foster
Executive Director at New Winston Museum
Winston-Salem, NC

emily sarah lineback headshot

Emily-Sarah Lineback


“At her core is the ability to take a small measure of direction or information and just go! Lindsay is great with people, follows through, and leaves a lovely impression. She overcomes any challenges and does so with grace. In short, her work and character shine. We are blessed to have her help.”

-Emily-Sarah Lineback
Co-owner of Whitline Ink
Boonville, NC


Austin Rese

“[Lindsay] is incredibly talented.”

Together, we increased his social media accounts 100% and spread his social media campaign about 150%.

-Austin Rese
Owner of VALOR American Home
Winston-Salem, NC

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