You Don’t Need SEO!


Kill the SEO


Yea, I said it. A SEO-expert said you don’t need SEO.

And really, you don’t. Honest. No gimmicks.

In fact, if you never did any back-end SEO, you’d still be okay. Meta-titles, tags, ALT. Don’t worry about it.

Which totally goes against everything everyone has ever said about the internet and SEO.

But here’s the thing, the secret to really awesome rankings:
EPIC Content. 

Now that’s important.

Doesn’t matter who you are, if you’re looking for higher traffic and more leads, you can work on your tags, titles, and descriptions all day long… You can work for Google and bots until you’re blue in the face, but know that without something to engage your reader, your hard work is lost.

There is no fooling a human, after all.

Humans have a 5 second attention span. Goldfish have 7, to put it into perspective.

SEO is steering further from the roots of playing the system with every kind of keyword tag that relates (and doesn’t relate) to the site and rather, Google is moving faster toward ranking websites built around the user experience.

User experience is the entire feel of the website–how it navigates, the layout, the words. Is it enticing? Is it innovative? Does it give me the information I’m looking for as a reader/researcher?

Those are the sites that are ranking the highest–the ones with the best information for their specific audience.

So, rather than working hard on your back-end stuff, put your energy into building your content for your audience. Work on narrowing down that person, speaking to that person, and learning their wants and needs and how you fit into the equation.

Work on really appealing to them and building trust by giving them information for free.

All of the information you have.


Create the epic stuff!

Because the truth is, those who steal your ideas won’t have the money to pay you anyway… And those that do? They don’t have the time to do it themselves.

Do yourself a favor. Skip SEO and work on creating EPIC Content and getting it out there to those who need it–your ideal audience.

Then, when you’re ready, focus on your SEO. But never before your content calendar is working at full steam.

Now it’s your turn…

Have you held off on implementing traditional SEO? What words of advice would you give to someone who believes they need SEO on their website?

To learn more about SEO or to drop a quick note, contact us. We will be so glad you did!

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