How to Find Awesome Topics to Blog About

For many small businesses and entrepreneurs, the idea of blogging regularly is daunting. I can’t tell you how many times I have heard business owners clueless of what to write especially after they’ve been in the business for years, sometimes decades.

The truth is, I tell them, you should write about two things:


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  • What you know and
  • What your audience wants to know.

Have a conversation, I say, with one person you know via the internet. Pretend like you’re sitting together over lunch. Imagine their questions, your answers, and document the conversation in a blog format.

But sometimes, it still gets hard to come up with pieces of our industry that we feel is compelling enough to write about. Here’s where this important tip comes into play:

Google it. That’s right. Go to Google, type in your industry with a different city and state.

Once the top few populate, go find their blog. Which posts are getting the most social media shares? Which have a high volume of comments?

Use these topics and create a spin out of them through your eyes–the eyes of the expert.

Google is an amazing resource for competitor research and quick analysis. When we have a question, “Google it,” has quickly become a common phrase. So why wouldn’t we use it to gain inspiration when the well runs dry.

And who knows, perhaps looking up popular blogs may get your wheels turning for a few originals yourself.

But for now, don’t try to recreate if you aren’t completely sure. Just spin what is already out there.

But be mindful to not steal any work from someone else. That could greatly impact your website through SEO–negatively.

Now it’s your turn:

Have any questions on how to make your industry more engaging for your audience, drop us a line? We’ll do a little research for you and get back with you on some great ideas.

In the meantime, happy “mini-Friday!”

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